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    Let go of Negative Thoughts

    When I was in my mid twenties I went through a series of difficult events that led me into a deep, dark depression. I couldn’t find my way out, and was ready to give up. Luckily, I met a healer who changed my life.   He taught my how to let of trapped emotional pain and negative […]

    Three Things to Make Your Qigong Better

    There are three very simple things I do each time before practicing Qigong that I think can benefit most any practitioner. 1)   Before starting tell yourself that you have no other agenda. This is especially helpful for morning practice when your mind may be tempted to wander and focus on the day ahead. If you […]

    dr. yang ywing-ming

    Understanding Qigong – Dr Yang, Jwing-Ming

    If you are new to Qigong than check out this excerpt from one of Dr. Yang Jwing-Ming’s instructional DVD’s.  This video contains some basic, yet important info that every practitioner should know!


    Our Meditation Expert

    Jeff Simonton

    Owner and Chief Instructor for DiscoverTheFire.com, a global online learning portal offering world-class instruction in Medical Qigong, meditation, feng shui, yoga, and other mind-body arts related to the art of self-cultivation. Jeff was taught and certified by the world famous Medical Qigong Master, Binhui He.



    qigong testimonial

    What I like about Discover the Fire is (you’ll laugh) the atmosphere. It’s in accordance with the mood or philosophy of Qigong and Tai Chi. There are no click me buy me messages that really put me off, there is no pretentious talk and self-promotion. The exercises seem perfectly selected both for beginners and slightly more experienced practitioners.

    Ivana K., Serbia
    qigong testimonial #2

    Hi Jeff,

    I have been religious every morning about the magnification meditation since you have sent it, and it has done wonders. I was having all kinds of trouble with my back and other issues and I’m happy to say that I can feel the strength returning and the pain is gone. I cannot thank you enough for bringing this practice into my life.

    Its funny that I can remember distinctly when you first told our group that we would be doing a “Standing” meditation. I can remember saying to myself, “this will NEVER work for me”. Well, I am so happy to be disappointed in that memory!!

    Thank you again, your work is like none other.

    God bless you,


    Tom Geiger, Raleigh, NC
    qigong testimonial #5

    I love the idea of your website and the courses and I love having a place to learn qigong online. Really enjoying being a member of DtF and look forward to continuing to grow in my Qigong practice.

    Cassie, California
    Qigong testimonial #4

    Thank you for your guidance thus far, I look forward to learning more.

    Valerie, Oregon
    qigong testimonial #5

    It is really great to have a wide range of Qigong sources available on the Internet through the “Discover the Fire” website. It is very convenient and easy to use. The videos are really a big help and are almost like taking a live class. It will be very beneficial to have all of this information in one place.

    Sharon, Pennsylvania