Build Good Karma by Volunteering!

There are many volunteer opportunities available if you have a passion for the healing arts,  a background in mind-body movements whether as a student or teacher, and possess the skills and desire to help turn this website into the leading online portal for Qigong, Tai Chi, meditation, martial arts, mind-body movements and holistic health information.

Volunteering is also an excellent way to build good karma!  When you give freely it builds strong moral character and cultivates the Shen or spirit.

Here are some of the many ways you can volunteer and build some good karma.

  • COLUMNIST/BLOGGER – You may start writing articles for Discover the Fire if you have a passion for writing.  Article submissions will be posted on the website as well as submitted to one article directory.  All members of Discover the Fire are automatically assigned an affiliate ID.  You can post your affiliate ID at the end of the article, and you will earn a commission from anyone that was referred by your article and signs up for a paid membership. Experienced columnists/bloggers can choose to have their own blog page set up on our website.
  • Graphic Design – There is a strong need for some graphic design to be done for t-shirts, business cards, and perhaps a web logo as well.
  • Spread the Word – All members can help by mentioning this site to family or friends who may be interested or benefit from what this site will be offering. Like us on Facebook or put a comment about us if you post in a forum, just make sure it does not come across as spam.  Feel free to use your affiliate link when referring someone.  Just log in through the membership page and click on Affiliates-Edit details to get your individual affiliate link.
  • Share – Help out by collecting or sharing stories and quotes related to mind-body cultivation and natural healing methods so that all the members can enjoy.
  • Interact – Post questions or share experiences about your mind-body studies on the Discussion Board.  (More categories will be added as the number of members continues to grow).
  • Refer – You can refer us to teachers, practitioners or other websites that may be interested in working with us
  • Exchange – Help find related websites that would be interested in exchanging links with us or doing cross promotions.  This usually just involves emailing a form letter (that we can provide) to the website’s owner and explaining why a link exchange or cross promotion would be beneficial to both parties.

bagua - good karmaYour help is very much needed in whatever capacity you are able to offer it.  (Although remember the more you give the more good karma you build!) In order for this website to reach its full potential we need your help! The members are what will truly make this online portal for Qigong, Tai Chi, and Taoist studies a big success.  When energy is combined and multiplied it far exceeds what one person can do alone.  Anyone that has practiced Qigong with a group for any length of time can certainly attest to the increased energy available when a group of like-minded individuals comes together.  Help turn this spark into a fire!

20 Ways to get Good Karma – by the Dalai Lama