Mission – Increase awareness on mind-body healing  and provide easy access to the most effective methods on how to increase health

The Mission of Discover the Fire is to increase awareness on mind-body healing  and provide easy access to the most effective methods on how to increase health, treat chronic conditions naturally, and achieve physical, mental and spiritual growth.

The mission of promoting & teaching how to increase good health will be accomplished in the following ways:

  • By providing easily accessible and affordable online lessons in qigong, tai chi, meditation, and more from the greatest mind-body instructors in the world.
  • Monthly web conferences with renowned experts in the healing arts of qigong, tai chi, meditation, and nutrition
  • Live workshops, retreats, and classes that will reinforce the lessons taught online
  • Medical Qigong intensives that will be designed specifically for either those individuals with chronic illness/pain or for serious practitioners who want to take their practice to much deeper levels of physical, mental, & spiritual growth
  • Free articles, blog entries, videos, and simple daily lessons related to how to increase health
  • Product offerings that have proven benefits for those seeking natural methods on how to increase health
  • Growth of a large community of like-minded people all teaching and learning from each other in a supportive fostering environment
  • The appointment of leaders to help establish local practice groups as membership develops in various regions

yin yang how to increase healthThe Mission for Discover the Fire extends beyond becoming the leading online portal for methods on how to increase health.

Ultimately when you become a member of DTF you should feel like you are part of a large family.  In the beginning you will be helped along the way by your senior brothers and sisters, and as you grow and learn, you will be able to return the favor by helping newer members find their own way.

How to increase health may be the first goal, but for those members that are dedicated and follow the guidance of the Masters each month, the benefits will be even greater.  You will notice an increased sense of calmness, awareness, and ability to deal with stress.

Beyond learning how to increase health the members should strive to develop a strong moral character.  This is actually the true essence of a strong Tai Chi or Qigong practice.  Healing and good health is actually just a side benefit!  How to increase health is usually promoted as the biggest benefit of Tai Chi or Qigong simply because it is what draws the most people to the arts.

Members who are already in good health are urged to look deeper and develop the moral character and strong spirit that is truly at the root of all practice.

How to Increase Health and Longevity