365 Tao – June 2 Blame

Though others have faults, Concentrate on your own. Some people have the habit of blaming others. Perhaps all of us have this weakness. The list of scapegoats for our miseries is clever and endless. Parents, community, teachers, government, and even demons and gods are all invoked when we have problems. If difficulties truly come from […]

365 TAO – Deng Ming-Dao (June 1 – Sleep)

Sleep is like a swift train Plunging into long black tunnels, Slicing day with red and black light. No worry about the skeleton engineer. Head to pillow is like head to track, Listening to the rumble of destiny, Knowing that the opening will come. In sleep, as in the tunnels, The sound seems ever closer. […]

365 Tao – May 12

May 12 – Recognition Spokes on the heavenly wheel Keep rotation constant. Those who follow Tao believe that Tao progresses through phases. They apply this principle to all levels of their outlook, from cosmology to the stages of growth in a person’s life. On the macrocosmic level, they point to the rotation of the stars […]