A Famous Qigong Master versus A Knowledgeable Teacher

by Qigong Master, Binhui He, Founder & Director of the former WISH US Inc.

qigong master binhui he

Master Binhui He

In the qigong field a famous teacher or qigong master is not necessarily a knowledgeable teacher or qigong master.

A famous teacher/master is well known but may not necessarily understand the Dao and the way to promote the Dao; while a knowledgeable teacher understands the true Dao and methods but may not be well known or famous.

Among the famous teachers or masters, there are always a few who are also knowledgeable; however, among all the knowledgeable masters, few of them are famous.

Famous teachers are well known by people with min (fame). The fame can be large or small as there are many channels for making people famous. Since the layman searches for instant return and immediate results, if you know how to satisfy them and give what they want, even though you may not know much of qigong law or methods, you may still become very famous. ;

Those with a lot of fame are well known by everyone around, those with lesser fame are known by people in a certain area; while those with no fame are known by nobody.

However, the fame has the difference of good or bad, and beauty or evil.

Those with bad or evil fame may be well known around the world, but cannot be knowledgeable qigong masters or teachers. They will soon be forgotten by the world, or be associated with the devil and or a bad name.

Those with good or beautiful fame may not necessarily be known by everyone around the world, but they usually bring benefits to certain areas of the world, and are well respected by people who know them.

Those knowledgeable masters with no fame live an easy life, and walk around the world. They could be met, or not met at all; all depends up the “yuan” (fate or destiny).

A knowledgeable master may be met, but not asked for; while a famous master can either be met or be asked for.

A knowledgeable qigong master emphasizes the yuan fen (fate and destiny) with others but not the fame or profit; while a famous master may emphasize both fame and profit.

Successful qigong cultivation-practice needs the guidance of a knowledgeable qigong master; otherwise, even though you spend a lot time and experience much hardship, you may still achieve nothing.

However, nowadays it is easier to find a famous qigong master than find a knowledgeable master in the qigong field. That is why “the true one does not show up himself, and those who show up are not the true one.”

How could someone not showing up become famous’/ Where can you find the non-famed but knowledgeable qigong master?

The sage said, the cultivator “reaches out to benefit tin world, and stays alone to keep a clean body.”

Those who reach out to benefit the world become famous even though they did not look for the fame; therefore, there are always a few knowledgeable masters among those who are famous. While famous and knowledgeable masters are among the numerous well-known masters, those non-famed knowledgeable masters are behind everyday life. How can you find them, and how can you differentiate them?

The old saying states, “Those teachers (mentors) can be classified into three levels, the top mentor teaches people the Dao, the middle mentor teaches people the De (virtue), and the lower mentor teaches people the skills or techniques.”

The Chinese word “Shi” is used by author, which can mean either a teacher (Lao Shi)  or a master (Shi Fu), such as a Qigong Master.

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