Stationary Five Element Tai Chi Chuan – 1st Set

ChrisHeintzmanSin Tien Wu Chi Qi Gong – qi gong or breath work (most simply) is a vast body of meditation techniques. This system in particular contains both stationary and moving forms of meditation. The Jam Jong (standing post) is used to train the mind, develop the jing, and strengthen the body (particularly the tendons). The Stationary Five Element Tai Chi Chuan, so named because of the comparatively little movement relative to most tai chi forms, is used for many purposes. For this course we keep the description simple and say that it is for flow, strength, flexibility, balance, awareness.




The Wisdom Fire Opens

Seak Animals for Strength

Combining is the Path

Breath Like Wind – Endless in Length

Spiritual Animals Bring Imbalance

Sounds of the Universe Abound

Sin Tien Wu Chi Qi Gong

Clever and Round