Life After Death

Life After Death

Dr. Ted Cibik

Written by Jeff Simonton

Dr. Ted Cibik knew he wanted to devote his life to health, healing, and wellness at a very young age and for a very profound reason….he died.  Twice actually.  Once when he was five and again when he was 12.

As a child Dr. Cibik suffered from severe asthma and was declared to be one of the ten worst cases in the world.  When he was five he suffered an asthma attack that lasted five days and resulted in his being hospitalized.  Eventually he flat-lined for nearly 15 minutes while undergoing an experimental procedure, was declared dead and given his last rites.

“When I came back 15 minutes later they were astounded,” said Dr. Cibik, the founder and executive director of Inner Strength, a clinic offering natural healthcare, mediation and martial arts. “Psychologists followed me around for the next ten years and wanted to know what I had seen on the other side, what had happened, and of course make sure that I was mentally sound.”

Being declared dead for that length of time and coming back to life is an extremely rare occurrence. He was asked to recount his experience to physicians and psychiatrists many times over the years, as they followed his case in the hope of learning something new that could further science.

The second time Dr. Cibik died took place in a different hospital and lasted only a few minutes.  He did not comment as much on this experience except to say that it was different from the first time.  Each near death experience opened his eyes to greater insights about his viewpoints, his relationships to other people, and the world in general.

These life-altering experiences had a profound and lasting effect on Dr. Cibik as a young man.  He became deeply interested in martial arts and looked up to Bruce Lee as a hero.  After pleading with his parents he was able to convince his parents to let him try out a martial arts class.  “My first experience with Jiu Jitsu caused an asthma attack due to the dust on the mats, and I ended up back in the hospital for three more days,” Dr. Cibik said.

At that point his parents said studying martial arts was not going to work. But again he persevered and convinced them to let him take private lessons.  His teacher made a deal that he would teach martial arts skills, but he first needed to learn how to meditate.  The meditations would prove to be a useful and necessary tool.

Ted managed to make it until the ripe old age of 18 before his next major life challenges: a severe car accident, followed several months later by a diagnosis of having bone cancer.

“For 3 months, I laid in a hospital bed with countless experimental surgeries and procedures that tested every ounce of my meditative abilities to control pain. Bruce Lee, still my hero at that time, said the words that I held tightly onto: “’Do not pray for an easy life, pray for the strength to endure a difficult one.’”

Ted Cibik certainly exemplifies Bruce Lee’s words through the fact that he is alive and well today.  At Inner Strengh, Dr. Cibik combines the insights and strength he gained during his youth, along with his extensive education as a PhD, Naturopathic Doctor, Doctor of Medical Qigong, and HFI Certified International Elite Personal Trainer, to treat his patients in a holistic and integrated approach to medicine that has seen his practice grow each and every year.

The areas of expertise available at the clinic include Chinese healing arts, naturopathy, massage, nutrition, herbs (both Chinese and Western), exercise, and meditation.  Inner Strength has helped hundreds of people recover from difficult and unique conditions through complementary health practices.  Dr. Cibik often has patients come to him who have been unable to find a health provider to assist them in the complete disease free process.  He believes in using all of the tools and methodologies available to help people on their quest for better health.

Whenever Dr. Cibik reflects on his life and the lessons learned he is fond of telling his students that sometimes Karma hurts.  However he believes that it is through these difficult events and our reactions to them that our future is shaped.  “I’m alive and well today and I feel great,” says Dr. Cibik.  He found his own inner strength and the many people who have been successfully treated by him are certainly thankful for it.

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