Master Binhui He

The following information was originally published by the World Institute for Self Healing, which was an organization in the U.S. started by my first Qigong teacher, Master Binhui He.  I wanted to publish it on my site, since even though Master He has achieved a certain level of fame in China, he is relatively unknown in other parts of the world, especially as he does not speak any English.

He only lived in America for three short years and taught through a translator.  He is a fascinating individual and embodies the characteristics of a true Master, in a time when the word “Master” has lost much of its original meaning.  I will be offering lessons learned from Master He, so please enjoy this introduction highlighting some of his accomplishments.

Master Binhui He – Chinese Medical Qigong Master

master binhui he

Master Binhui He

Master Binhui He is a prominent Chinese medical Qigong master. He is the director and one of ten distinguished researchers at the Chinese Society of Qigong Science, the leading administrative organization for the study of Qigong in China. He is also the head of the anti-cancer research project of the society, vice chairman of Chinese Society of Clinical Medicine, vice president of Chinese Society of Modern Medical Practitioners, vice chairman of the Association of World Chinese Medical Practitioners, a research fellow of Scientists Union of China, and a member of the Committee on the Popular Dissemination of Science.   Master He is one of five academicians of the International Medical Qigong Science Institute, and the research fellow of Research Institute of Oriental Celebrity. Apart from these responsibilities, Master He is regularly invited as a guest lecturer and researcher to several colleges and research centers in China and in Hong Kong. He enjoys great prestige in the field of Qigong and traditional Chinese medicine.

Master He began practicing Qigong at the age of 13 and has been practicing it for almost 40 years since. After recognizing the problems that modern medical technology is confronting in curing some difficult chronic diseases and considering the dangerous side effects of some medicines that patients take all their lives to treat such diseases, Master He went about developing a complete medical Qigong method combined with traditional Chinese methods of drug-free therapy. He created Chinese Taiji Five-Element Qigong, a form of Qigong he has since used to treat a large variety of chronic diseases that modern medical technology has found difficult to treat. Later, he developed a form of Qigong used specifically to treat cancer. He introduced this method to the public in 1990, with extraordinary results. Master He is well respected by his patients as well as by many research scientists, not only because his Qigong has been so powerful that many patients and researchers have benefitted from him, but also because he was not like many other Qigong masters who used Qigong to make a lot of money for themselves by simply teaching other how to practice, instead, Master He challenged the top human killer, cancer, and worked with thousands of late-stage cancer patients who were literally refused by hospitals for further treatment, year after year. He has achieved astonishing results in Qigong therapy to treat human cancer.

One of most outstanding contributions Master He made to the medical practice is that he applied the traditional Chinese “Yin-Yang theory” to the treatment of chronic diseases, and pointed out that the most important resources for many chronic diseases was not materialized or tangible, but from the nonmaterial, intangible Yin world — the human consciousness or emotion world.   In order to treat these diseases rooted in the nonmaterial world, we have to change our attitudes toward the disease, and change our life-style in general to balance the Yin-Yang system within our body.   One way to do this is through Qigong practice.   It was reported that a hundred thousand people have been trained to practice Chinese Taiji Five-Element Qigong in Master He’s seminars and training center. A great number of people who suffered hypertension, heart disease, diabetes, chronic nephritis and stomach disease have experienced significant improvement or complete recovery through the practice of his qigong alone. More than 4,000 patients who suffered various forms of cancer have been treated in an intensive training class offered by Master He. This treatment class has reportedly been effective in more than 95 percent of the cancer cases, and effective for almost 100% breast cancer cases. Master He has been called the “cancer killer” and the “medical practitioner who dare to challenge the terminal disease” by the media.

Generally, after practicing Master He’s Qigong, the patients saw a reduction in the scope of the disease, an easing of symptoms, and had more strength and energy. Some patients who had previously undergone unsuccessful surgeries, radiotherapy and chemotherapy fully recovered. And the Qigong treatment prevented the disease from relapsing or metastasizing. Some of the patients saw tumors completely disappear, and they have been healthy for many years since. Many have even been able to return to their work.

In an assessment meeting held in December of 1996 by the Committee on the Popular Dissemination of Science (a government agent) and other academic organizations, a group of professors, experts and scholars in medicine and science affirmed fully and enthusiastically the effect of Master He’s Qigong in fighting cancer and concluded in their evaluation that Master He’s Qigong was “an effective way to treat cancer”.

Master He has remarkable skill in Qigong and is a practitioner with high ethics. He can use Qigong to cure illness in a timely fashion, especially in some sports-related diseases, such as shoulder and elbow inflammation diseases of the cervical, thoracic and lumbar vertebrae. The method is also effective in treating hyperplasia of the joints of elderly people and diseases of the mammary gland system, namely mammary gland hyperplasia, swelling in the breasts, and early breast cancer.

To verify the reliability of his external Qigong, Master He collaborated with some highly regarded universities and research centers to conduct many successful experiments. In a recent study, Master He teamed up with professors from the Tumor Research Center of Zhongshan University of Medicine in Guangzhou to test the effect of external Qigong on laboratory mice infected with liver cancer. In the experiment, Master He emitted external Qi over ten mice for 10 minutes on four separate sections. The study showed an average of more than 70 percent reduction of cancer cells (in size and weight) in the Qigong group of mice, compared to the simulation group and control group. The same experiment was repeated three times, with the average rate of inhibition of cancerous cells at 70 to 80 percent.   The slides of these cancer cells in different groups received histological examination under electronic microscopes. The results showed that the cancer cells and nucleus in the Qigong group were shrunk greatly; nucleus and plasma were reduced; mitochondria developed swelling, vascular degeneration, disorderly and broken crest; apoptosis body was developed.   These results indicated that Qigong could induce cellular apoptosis of liver cancer and have significant inhibitory effects on cancer in mice.

Master He’s achievements have been recognized broadly by the scientific community, and published in Dictionary of World Excellent Medical Specialists (1997), the Collection of Modern Famous Chinese (1998), Who’s Who Around the World, Vol. 3, China (1998), Dictionary of Famous Doctors and Experts in China (1998), Dictionary of China Contemporary Qigong Masters (1998), China Specialists Library (1999), Dictionary of Chinese Specialists and Celebrity (1999), and Biography of Global Medical Specialists at Internet (1999).   His thesis earned him an award of the highest merit at the first International Somatic Science Conference held jointly by the American Somatic Science Institute and the International Somatic Science Union (1995). He was awarded the certificate of “Excellent Medical Experts of the World” (1998) and the certificate of “Famous Doctors in China” (1998). His outstanding achievement in medical theory and practice have attracted worldwide attention. Master He was selected as a famous scientist by American Academy of Scientist Biography, and published in the International Who’s Who in Science, 1997. In August 1998, Thai-Sino Medicine Exchange Association awarded him the medal of “Extraordinary Contribution to Medicine” and the “Gold Cup Prize on Medical Paper Achievements.”   In October 1998, American International Medical Science Research Center and World Federation on Qigong Science awarded Master He the “International Golden Prize” in the First International Achievement Fair of Huatuo Traditional Medicine. In 1999, World Qigong Federation and American Qigong Association named Master He “Qigong Master of the Year,” the highest award at the Third World Congress on Qigong, November 19-24, San Francisco. In January 2000, Malaysia Ministry of Health awarded him “The Contribution Prize of World Famous Doctor Achievement.”

Today Master He is busy to promote his new ideas in self-healing as the best prevention in health care, and drug-free therapy as the new developmental direction of human medicine. It is believed that the drug-Free medicine and self healing will be the direction of human medicine and health care in the 21st century. Master He’s contribution in this area will be deep and influential for a long time to come. The United States, as well as the world, will benefit a great deal from his self-healing skill and drug-free therapy.

Some of Master He’s activities right now include the following: (1) Lecturing. He teaches Chinese traditional methods of maintaining good health, the theory of preventing and curing disease with Qigong, and some simple effective Qigong methods.  (2) Experimenting and researching. He works with colleges and research centers to study methods to prevent and cure cancer and other terminal illnesses. (3). Treating patients. He treats, individually and in groups, patients who suffer from various diseases that modern technology cannot cure.

Master Binhui He

Below is a video that turned John Chang into one of the more famous Qigong Masters, which I don’t believe is something he intended or wanted, although admittedly I know little about him.  I do feel the video is worth watching for anyone with an interest in Qigong Healing.