Nine Pillars for a Successful Qigong or Tai Chi Practice

tai chi practiceOver the next nine days I will be discussing what I feel are nine key concepts to keep in mind for establishing a deep and meaningful Qigong or Tai Chi practice.  I like to think of these concepts as the “9 Pillars” as each one is necessary in order to provide the support necessary to continue evolving within an art form.

These concepts or pillars can essentially be applied to any art, so when I speak of Qigong or Tai Chi Practice, it is only because they are what I personally practice and teach.

For today, if you have a qigong, tai chi, yoga, martial art or other form you practice regularly be sure to run through it once in your normal fashion.  If you do not have a form to practice yet, simply sit in quiet meditation for at least 10-15 minutes.  Pay close attention to how you feel before, during, and after the form.

Starting tomorrow you can practice the same form after applying the first pillar, and then continue practicing the same form as you apply a new pillar each subsequent day.

By the end of the ninth day pay attention to how you are practicing your current form and see if you notice any difference.

Stay tuned for my secrets to a successful Tai Chi Practice…

Here is a nice article on how Tai Chi Practice can help with back pain.  I have personally see Tai Chi help many people suffering from back and hip issues, along with all the other joints as well!