The First Pillar for a Successful Tai Chi or Qigong Practice


qigong practiceThe first concept to keep in mind for establishing and maintaining a deep Tai Chi or Qigong practice is “upright”. Upright actually has two meanings as it applies to the establishment of a powerful and meaningful Tai Chi or Qigong practice.

The first and simplest meaning pertains to the posture that should be established when beginning any form. It is important structurally and energetically to think of establishing a strong, yet relaxed, upright position as you begin your form or meditation. Poor, slumped posture closes off the energetic channels, while proper posture opens up the channels so energy can flow easily.

The other meaning of upright is much deeper and refers to what should be the goal or end result of a true Tai Chi or Qigong practice. You should enter into practice with the intention of being an upright or good person. You don’t need to think about this too deeply, but a gentle reminder that you are practicing in order to cultivate yourself and become a better person can go a long way. If you establish a steady practice you should naturally be kinder, more understanding, more adaptable, and more willing to help out others without looking for recognition. This is true cultivation of mind, body and spirit and shows that you are progressing on the path of Enlightenment or Great Awakening.

Qigong Practice