The 9th Pillar for Mind-Body Practitioners

Strong I meant to reveal the 9th and final pillar on Saturday, but the Holiday Weekend took me away from having a chance to write.  This last pillar is one of the most important both as a beginner and as an advanced mind-body practitioner. In order to advance deeply with a mind-body practice such as […]

The Sixth Pillar for Supporting your Mind-Body Routine

Expand The fifth pillar leads us nicely into the sixth concept to embrace for solidifying a powerful mind-body routine.  It is the idea of expansion, which I touched on briefly when I spoke about being open. Openness begins the process of expansion throughout the body both internally and externally.  As you relax and the joints begin to open, you […]

Discovering the Fire of Intention Through Qi Gong

What is Qi Gong?   My Qigong teacher once told me that in order for someone to recover fully from an illness or a chronic condition they needed to created a “burning desire” to get better.  It is this strong desire or intention that is truly the driving force behind Qi gong or any form […]