The Sixth Pillar for Supporting your Mind-Body Routine

Expand The fifth pillar leads us nicely into the sixth concept to embrace for solidifying a powerful mind-body routine.  It is the idea of expansion, which I touched on briefly when I spoke about being open. Openness begins the process of expansion throughout the body both internally and externally.  As you relax and the joints begin to open, you […]

The Fourth Pillar for Supporting your Mind-Body Practice

Center The fourth pillar for supporting a meaningful mind-body practice is “center”.  Physically it is important to make sure you are centered in your stance.  If you do not have regular contact with an instructor who can point out imbalances, it is a good idea to assess your posture in a mirror from time-to-time.  This […]

Discovering the Fire of Intention Through Qi Gong

What is Qi Gong?   My Qigong teacher once told me that in order for someone to recover fully from an illness or a chronic condition they needed to created a “burning desire” to get better.  It is this strong desire or intention that is truly the driving force behind Qi gong or any form […]