Yin and Yang in Taiji

Yin and Yang in Taiji by Eric Borreson Here is a great short article by Eric Borreson detailing the interconnection between Yin and Yang and how to incorporate it into your Tai Chi Practice.  Read this article to learn some great Yin Yang principles.  I have also included a video on Yin Yang theory to […]

The 7th Pillar for Supporting your Tai Chi Form

Focus We have arrived at the 7th pillar that is needed to support a powerful mind-body practice, such as doing a Tai Chi form.  I hope that you have found the previous 6 pillars to be informative and that you have gained some small insight into the basic principles behind making a Tai Chi form, […]

Grandmaster David Chin – Orignal Yang Tai Chi Chuan

For today’s Daily Lesson I figured you can’t do much better than watching a demonstration by Master Chin who is my Sigung, which translates roughly to Grandfather or Master.  He is my teacher’s teacher and one of the most knowledgeable individuals you will find anywhere on Kung Fu, Tai Chi, and Qigong. The power he […]