The 9th Pillar for Mind-Body Practitioners


mind-body practitionersI meant to reveal the 9th and final pillar on Saturday, but the Holiday Weekend took me away from having a chance to write.  This last pillar is one of the most important both as a beginner and as an advanced mind-body practitioner.

In order to advance deeply with a mind-body practice such as Qigong, you must be physically, mentally, and spiritually strong enough.  You need physical strength to endure the practices, strength of mind to convince yourself to practice on a regular basis as well as maintain focus and intention throughout your practice, and spiritual strength to deal with any phenomenon you may experience during deep meditations.

I have seen many people become afraid after reaching deep Qi states, but as long as you have strength, and remember the concept of “kill the buddha, kill the devil”, there is absolutely nothing to fear and you will progress easily along your path of cultivation.

I hope you have enjoyed the 9 pillars!  Here the are once again.

Upright – Align – Tranquil – Center – Open – Expand – Focus – Ignore – Strong

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