The Fifth Pillar for Supporting Your Qigong Routine


The fifth pillar to help support and nourish your tai chi or qigong routine is “open”.  In order for the Qi to flow and for your joints to be healthy, you must learn to open and create space.

qigong routineNo matter what form you are practicing or position you are holding there should always be an openness to it.  For example, the hips should be open and relaxed as opposed to tucked in and tense.  The arms should never hang limply at your sides, but instead there should be space between the arms and body creating a feeling of fullness internally.

We want this feeling of openness and expansion to occur all throughout the body.  Feel the crown of the head stretching up towards Heaven and the tailbone stretching down towards the Earth.  Create openness and space between the vertebrae to ensure a healthy spine and back.

Easy Qigong Routine to Relax and Recharge