The Sixth Pillar for Supporting your Mind-Body Routine


mind-body routineThe fifth pillar leads us nicely into the sixth concept to embrace for solidifying a powerful mind-body routine.  It is the idea of expansion, which I touched on briefly when I spoke about being open.

Openness begins the process of expansion throughout the body both internally and externally.  As you relax and the joints begin to open, you need to next think about the idea of your body expanding in the six directions at once – up, down, front, back, left, and right.  Feel the spine and neck expand, the arms and fingers stretching and expanding, the legs expanding as well as sinking deeper into the earth, and the shoulders expanding out to each side.

Feel yourself becoming full as you expand internally in all directions and fill up with good energy.  This is a very important concept.  Don’t let your body and forms be empty.  Embrace the idea of “Peng” whenever you practice, which is like the energy inside an inflated rubber ball pushing out in all directions at once.  Where intention goes Qi flows, so if you have the intention of being full of energy, it will happen naturally.

Simple Daily Ayurveda Mind-Body Routine