Three Things to Make Your Qigong Better

ba duan jin 8 pieces of brocadeThere are three very simple things I do each time before practicing Qigong that I think can benefit most any practitioner.

1)   Before starting tell yourself that you have no other agenda. This is especially helpful for morning practice when your mind may be tempted to wander and focus on the day ahead. If you have no agenda there is nothing to distract you.

2)    Use the same short warm-up routine before every practice. This will automatically help the mind relax.

3)    End each practice with a short standing meditation. Feel your rooted connection to the Earth while at the same time developing Ting Jin or “listening power”. To develop Ting Jin listen from the GB11 acupuncture point indicated on the image below. Simply imagine listening from that point behind the ear and become aware of all the sounds in your environment.

acupuncture points qigong


 Meridian Qigong & Acupressure Points – Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming