Energy Card Information

Everyone has felt energy, but the level of energy that can be felt depends greatly upon the awareness of the individual.  Have you ever walked into a room and felt tension in the air or been in a setting where you naturally felt calmer and more energized?  This is typical of the type of energy that everyone can feel.

On a deeper level it is possible to sense energy in all things.  Every object that exists contains Qi or energy no matter whether it is subtle or great.  This has been proven scientifically through the simple observation that all objects contain moving particles.

Taking it a step further it is also possible to transfer energy from one object to another.  Imagine rolling one ball into another…the energy of the first ball is transferred to the second ball causing it to card  Now suppose we could take energy, transfer it to an object, and it would remain in the object until it was transferred to something else. 

This is exactly how it works with the energy card.  I transfer energy into a simple business card (using the technique taught to me by my Qigong Master) and the energy remains in the card until the student accesses it. 

There is a scientific hypothesis that may help explain how the transfer takes place.  Heat is considered a form of kinetic energy, which means it is a type of movement energy.  The general hypothesis is that when two bodies at different temperatures are placed in contact, heat energy will always flow from the one with the higher temperature to the one at the lower temperature.  Temperature is simply a measure of how fast the particles of an object are moving.  So if two objects with different temperatures come into contact, then the heat energy will move from the object whose particles are moving fastest into the object with the slower moving particles, until the particles of both objects are moving at the same speed. 

Qi is like heat energy only more subtle and not as easy to detect.  Some Masters even consider Qi as being a form of heat energy and the imagery of fire is often used to build and cultivate the Qi.  I transfer this subtle form of heat energy or Qi into the card just like warmth being transferred from a fire to our hands.  Below are instructions on how to transfer the Qi from the card to yourself or another individual if you happen to be a healer or healthcare worker.


Hold the card in your hand and place it face down against the area where you want to transfer the energy.  If you do not have any health concerns the card should be held about 2-3 inches below the naval around the area known as the lower dan tian.  Spend five minutes in seated meditation focusing on the lower dan tian area.  Imagine you breathe in from the center of the card drawing in energy, and when you exhale imagine sending the energy towards the mingmen (point on your lower back directly opposite the naval.)  To physically locate the mingmen you can feel around the lower spine and search for a gap and sensitive spot opposite the naval. 

If you have an area of illness or pain in the body hold the card face down on the area.  On every inhale focus lightly on your area of concern and picture it as being black.  With each exhale, picture energy from the card entering the area of concern and destroying the blackness.  Every exhale causes the blackness to get lighter and lighter until all sickness and toxins have been destroyed.  Continue until you see the area as being pure white.  This is the same technique that is used when healing a patient only the card is obviously held facedown against the patient’s main area of concern.