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All group healing sessions are conducted by Jeff Simonton, Certified Medical Qigong instructor.  Jeff uses a special technique passed along to him by his teacher, Master Binhui He, to unite the group into one collective consciousness.  This technique magnifies the energy typically available to a solo practitioner and can have profound effects on health and healing.

The energy transmitted through these sessions works on physical, emotional, and spiritual levels and participants may experience a wide variety of phenomenon.  The more open and receptive you are to the session the more you will gain.

The group is actually strengthened by more people joining in as we are all connected within one large energetic field and united by a common intention.

Pay attention before, during, and after the meditation to how you feel.  Energy levels may change and you may feel things working inside your body.  It is normal to experience visuals during the session or afterward.  Pay no attention to anything you see.  Just let it come, let it go, let it be.


Before joining the group healing meditation session try to clear your head of any distracting thoughts.  Focus on the virtual candle and have the strong intention of joining and connecting with the group.  Be open to receiving any energy that comes your way.

Please note it is possible that not all experiences will be pleasant.   If you experience pain, anger, sadness, heaviness, lethargy, or sees frightening images this is still considered a good practice.  It means that the mind, body, and spirit are releasing trapped emotions and thought patterns that can cause damage if left unresolved.

There is nothing to fear even though strong reactions can occur in some people.  It is worth noting that most of the group sessions will be pleasant experiences and leave you feeling more energized and refreshed.  It is simply important to note that any reaction is considered good.  If you feel nothing that is also perfectly okay.  Just continue to attend the sessions and notice any subtle changes taking place.

When you feel ready click here to join the group healing session.  The meditation will begin playing automatically as soon as you enter the room.


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March 6 @ 10 p.m. EST (Short 18 minute meditation)