How the mind body training will work:mind body training

Every month we will feature a different mind body training instructor.  All students will be able to participate in this mind body training regardless of the particular modality they study.

This will allow our members to sample various practices and instructors at an extremely affordable monthly membership fee through convenient online training modules.

There will also be plenty of opportunities for in-depth study in our course offerings such as qigong, tai chi, meditation, reiki, yoga, martial arts, along with others being continually added.

Simply choose a teacher or course that appeals to you and sign up.  We will have mind body training modules for beginners all the way to teacher level.

Benefits of the mind body training of the month:

  • Try out multiple instructors to find the ones that truly resonate with you
  • Try out new modalities that you have not yet experienced through a knowledgeable instructor
  • Learn a new insight every month through the perspectives of each teacher
  • Join live web conferences and interact with the teacher and other students
  • Become part of a global community all learning & growing together

Benefits of the specialized mind body training courses:

  • Focused in-depth instruction in the modality of your choice (qigong, tai chi, reiki, yoga, meditation, kung fu, etc.)
  • Choose the instructor or instructors that provide the style of teaching and type of training you are seeking
  • Smaller more focused groups and more personalized attention from instructors
  • Progressive ongoing training courses that build upon previous courses – constantly advance through online learning

Benefits for all members of Discover the Fire

  • The most affordable and expansive online training available
  • Extremely simple navigation
  • Easy to follow courses
  • Access to top teachers from around the world for mentoring



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Mind Body Training –Integrative Body-Mind Training (IBMT) Meditation Found to Boost Brain Connectivity