Patient Name: Manlin Liu
Diagnosis: Progressive brain cancer — malignant intracerebral glioma
Clinical History

Mrs. Liu is a worker from Shantou Eletrical Power Co. Age 32 when coming to qigong training center in 1994. Patient presented initially with feelings of dizziness, chest oppression and other vague symptoms in July 1994. In Nov. 1994 she suddenly could not write with the right hand, later could not raise her right arm at all, and could not pronounce words correctly. On 11/9/94 she had an extensive checkup. CT scan and MRI found significant pathological change in the junction of frontal and parietal lobe of the left brain, suggesting a possible level II Glioma. The diagnosis was a Star-shaped cell tumor (level III–IV) involving the Precentral and Postcentral gyrus and as deep as the roof of the left lateral ventricle. The tumor size was about 33 x 37mm on 11/11/94. Subsequently, her symptoms progressed very rapidly. On 11/13/94, the glioma caused hemiplegia of her right hand and foot, facial deviation, and dysarthria. She was told that the only treatment may be Gamma-ray radiotherapy, which she immediately agreed upon. A follow-up MRI (11/16/94) before the Gamma ray showed the tumor grew to the size of 43x36x39mm (Fig 1).

Patient was bedridden when Qigong teacher first visited her, with the entire right side paralyzed. She can not make any movement with her right hand or foot, plus there were facial deviation, skewed mouth and dysarthria.

Disease Prior to Qigong Therapy

One session of Gamma-ray radiotherapy was done on 11/16/94. After that, patient reported headache, vomiting and worsening of hemiplegia due to severe cerebral edema. She was told that the Glioma has liquefied, therefore, increasing the intracraneal pressure, and the accelerated growth of the tumor was stopped due to part of tumor being destroyed by radiotherapy, but the Gamma-ray was unable to kill all tumor cells because of the large size of the Glioma; and that after 2 to 3 months, the brain tumor cells might liquefy some more leading to more swelling and increased intracraneal pressure and cause many other neurological symptoms, or even death.

Qigong Treatment Description
The patient was introduced to Qigong on 12/12/94 by a student of ours, who taught her how to practice Qigong when lying on bed and emitted Qi to help her. She soon could get up and walk around, and later, came to our intensive Qigong training class on 12/16/94 and started learning to practice Five- Element medical Qigong immediately. After one month her condition improved dramatically. Brain MRI performed on 1/11/95 showed that the tumor size was reduced to 25 x 22 cm, and the liquefied swelling area shrank as well. Since then, she continued practicing the Five-Element Qigong 6 hours daily and quit using any other medicine or therapy. During this time, she received regular checkups at the same hospital. The result greatly surprised the doctors. One and half a year later, she received the seventh MRI checkup, and was told that the Glioma had disappeared and that she had recovered completely.1) 11/16/94 MRI, before Qigong training. Brain tumor size: 43 x 36 x 39 mm with extensive liquefied swelling area.

2) 1/11/95 MRI , after 35 days of Qigong practice without medicine, tumor became 25 x 22 (mm), swelling shrank.

3) 10/24/95, 11 months later, tumor shrank to 15 x 13 (mm), swelling disappeared.

4) 10/14/96, after 22 months of Qigong practice without any other medicine, brain tumor disappeared completely.

(More radiographic reports available from recent examinations.)