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Being a part of Discover the Fire is enjoyable and motivating, and the instruction, feedback and support make it even more precious. The bottom line and the general feeling is that I’m in a friendly place where learning and growth can happen, not in a place where someone’s trying to sell me something at all costs, if you know what I mean.”

– Ivana K., Serbia

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Train with Masters from the around the globe…without the airfare!

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Discover the Fire is a new concept in the world of online qigong training, tai chi classes, and alternative medicine.

Imagine the ability to receive world-class training with some of the most well-respected Tai Chi, meditation, Yoga, Kung Fu, Martial Arts, & Qigong Masters in the World all without leaving the comfort of your own home.


Enjoy amazing features such as:

  • Monthly lessons with world-class instructors
  • Classes in Tai Chi, Qigong, Meditation, Kung Fu, & more
  • In-depth training series
  • Interviews with Masters
  • Web conferences
  • Chat sessions
  • Vibrant online mind-body-spirit community

[stextbox id=”custom_red” caption=”CONNECT”]Interact with other practitioners and teachers from around the world, make new friends, build support groups, all utilizing our incredibly intuitive and user-friendly Facebook-style walls and messaging.[/stextbox]


[stextbox id=”custom_blue” caption=”STUDY”]Follow online lessons from some of the world’s best Tai Chi, Qigong, Kung Fu, nutrition, and meditation instructors.  Suitable for beginners through advanced level students.[/stextbox]


[stextbox id=”custom_green” caption=”LEARN”]A truly interactive online learning experience including direct access to teachers, web conferences, chat sessions, and forums.  We go above and beyond merely providing access to instructional videos, by putting you in direct contact with the instructors to interact and receive feedback.[/stextbox]


[stextbox id=”custom_orange” caption=”GROW”]The ability to train with Masters from around the world will lead to amazing new growth and discovery in your personal practice.  Learn new techniques and insights through our featured “Instructor of the Month” series and sign up for in-depth training modules when you connect with a particular teacher. [/stextbox]

A Solution Blending Modern Technology with Ancient Wisdom

Our concept is to integrate the very best in modern technology (video, web conferencing, ebooks, blogs, discussion boards, and more) with ancient and valuable knowledge presented by the very best teachers through exciting and interactive qigong, meditation, and tai chi classes.

Are you interested in…

  • Mind Body Spirit therapies and self-cultivation practices such as Qigong, Tai Chi & more
  • Exclusive interviews and training modules with top authors and teachers
  • The opportunity to study with knowledgeable and highly respected teachers on a regular basis
  • Having someone who can help guide you along the path of cultivating mind, body & spirit
  • Learning techniques to treat stress, illness, or other chronic conditions
  • Helping and teaching others as you gain knowledge and understanding
  • Multiple levels of qigong and tai chi classes ranging from beginner to advanced

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A Message from the Founder:

I began this website to help solve the three biggest problems facing practitioners of the ancient arts.

The Three Biggest Problems Facing Practitioners

  1. Access to a knowledgeable teacher
  2. Lack of group support
  3. Lack of time & money

These three problems prevent most people from experiencing true Physical, Spiritual, & Emotional advancement!

In my personal journey I have discovered that there are two things that are absolutely essential.  These two key aspects are absolutely essential to make sure you advance on a consistent basis and remain on a safe and healthy path to well-being.

The Two Things You Must Have:

  1. Guidance from a masterful teacher –Truly knowledgeable teachers are often difficult to find and may live a great distance from you.  However, guidance from a masterful teacher is essential to ensure safe and consistent advancement in your practice.
  2. Regular daily solo practice along with group practice when possible – The self-discipline to practice every day is one of the biggest challenges and ultimately most people are far less likely to practice regularly without the support of a group.  Regular practice is probably the most important thing needed to advance your understanding.

My Story

qigong instructor

Jeff Simonton, Instructor/Founder

As you can see, the two most important things for your advancement are directly related to the three biggest problems.  Before I tell you how I plan to eliminate or reduce these problems, let me briefly explain how I came to be interested in Tai Chi, Qigong, Kung Fu, and meditation.  Plus I will reveal how I personally struggled to find a mentor as I was advancing along the path of Spiritual Enlightenment and desperately needed guidance.

Like many people I began my study of Qigong to help cure some problems I was experiencing.  Due to several traumatic events that occurred in my life in a short amount of time I sunk into a depression and began to make myself physically sick.  I experienced stomach pains every day and was trapped in a dark emotional turmoil.  I knew that if I didn’t find help it would eventually overwhelm me.

The Moment My Eyes Opened

meditationI found out about Qigong and its self-healing powers, but after reading various books and studying some videos I felt I was only glimpsing at something, but not really getting it.  Fortunately that all changed when I spent 9 days at a Medical Qigong Intensive with Master Binhui He, a famous Qigong Master known in China for his success at treating seriously ill cancer patients.

During those 9 days I finally felt my own Qi or energy.  I also experienced a release of trapped emotions that afterwards felt like an enormous weight had been lifted from my chest.  I knew right then and there that there was a lot more to life than I realized, and that Qigong was absolutely for real.

The Period of Confusion

tai chiFast forward several years and I had begun teaching my first few classes.  I was certainly an inexperienced teacher at that point, and still in need of guidance myself.  The problem was that I had nowhere to turn.  My original Master was back in China and authentic Qigong Masters are not exactly located on every street corner.

I began to experience phenomenon during my meditations that I did not know to properly handle without some guidance.  I realized at that time the absolute importance of having a teacher to gently guide you along the path when necessary.  Fortunately for me I was able to reach out to Dr. Kevin Chen, who was a senior student of Master He, and he was able to provide the guidance I needed at that time.

Solving the Problems

Once I identified the problems I was determined to come up with a solution, and not just for myself but for all seekers of ancient wisdom experiencing the same roadblocks.

Problem #1 – Access to a knowledgeable teacher

Solution – Provide easy access to authentic Masters who can teach globally through online classes


Problem #2 – Lack of support

Solution – Provide access to teachers and fellow students to help answer questions, and create strong group interaction through forums, chat sessions, and friend connections


Problem #3 – Lack of time and money

Solution – Provide affordable online access to lessons that are short and simple, yet powerful.  There is even an affiliate program for anyone that wants to earn some extra revenue by recommending the site.  All members are automatically signed up as affiliates, so earning recurring commissions is as easy as sending out an email or posting a link up on Facebook!


This site is truly the result of an entire year spent on the planning and implementation of my dream to make authentic Masters accessible and affordable to people throughout the world.

With you as part of the growing community we can truly make this a place of learning, growth, and connections between like-minded individuals.  You will realize that you are not just an individual alone seeking knowledge, but part of something much bigger!

Well.  What are you waiting for?

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Our Goals

It is the goal of this organization to provide easy access to the most useful and powerful knowledge in the world to anyone seeking it. This goal will be accomplished in several ways.

  • Affordable online training with top Tai Chi and Qigong Masters, meditation instructors, Yoga teachers, martial arts masters, and other mind body spirit teachers
  • Free email newsletter featuring tips on healthy living and simple mind-body lessons (sign up here!)
  • Articles related to natural healing and methods for improving the mind body spirit connection
  • Interaction with instructors and fellow students
  • Featured instructor of the month
  • Special Qigong, meditation, and Tai Chi classes & retreats
  • Cancer & Chronic Illness recovery programs
  • Advanced practitioner live Qigong intensives
  • Much much more!


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