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We offer a growing number of services designed for students interested in studying Qigong, Tai Chi, Meditation, Kung Fu, nutrition, Chinese herbology, along with other methods of cultivation and self-healing.

Our Services Include:

  • Online classes (monthly membership)
  • Free articles and lessons
  • Simple cures (members only coming 2012)
  • Live workshops & retreats (coming in 2012!)
  • Private online mentoring/coaching (coming in 2012!)


Our online training format utilizes a learning system similar an online university to present lessons and monitor students’ progress.  The courses consist of text, audio, video, and questions that will need to be answered by the students.  Think of this as  mind-body courses (such as qigong classes) that you cannot fail.

Sometime in 2012 we will begin offering live training opportunities in addition to the online classes.  Live training opportunities may include free 60 minute introductory tai chi, yoga, meditation, and qigong classes, weekend workshops, retreats, and Medical/Spiritual Qigong Intensives lasting 5-9 days for recovery from Cancer or other chronic illness as well as spiritual advancement.

Benefits of Ongoing Tai Chi, Meditation, Yoga, & Qigong Classes

  • Improves Health
  • Increases Energy, Agility  and Flexibility
  • Rejuvenates Body, Mind and Spirit
  • Improves Concentration, cognitive  and Intuitive abilities
  • Reduces Stress
  • Improves blood and Qi  Circulation
  • Regulates Moods and Emotions

What will Qigong classes cover?

Typical Qigong classes may include movement forms as well as standing or seated meditations.  Some of the many benefits include relaxation techniques, increased Qi (energy), increased immune system, balance between the 5 essential organs, internal & external strength, proper body alignment, and cultivation of mind, body, & spirit.

According to Qigong theory extreme movement leads to extreme stillness and extreme stillness leads to extreme movement.  This means that a movement form can actually still the mind and calm the spirit, and a meditation can actually create large internal movement of Qi or energy. 

What will Tai Chi classes cover?

A typical Tai Chi class may include stretches, movement forms, standing meditations, instruction on proper body alignment, joint & tendon exercises, how to incorporate internal energy work into forms, as well as potential martial applications.

What will Yoga classes cover?

A typical yoga class may cover various asanas (poses) including proper alignment, slow movements, breathing, relaxation, meditation, and strengthening and stretching

What will meditation classes cover?

A typical meditation class will teach techniques from various traditions on how to reduce stress, increase focus & awareness, be more content, and achieve transformational growth. 

What will martial arts classes cover?

A typical martial arts class will teach techniques and skills such as punching, kicking, grappling, throwing, submissions, joint locks, and basic self-defense.  It may include training for cardio, flexibility, strength, and focus.  Techniques & training methods will vary based upon the style and instructor.

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