Live Wellness Classes

wellness classesWe will soon offer many opportunities to participate in live wellness classes in a variety of different art forms.  The unifying concept is that everything is aimed at health promotion and cultivation of our mind, body, and spirit.

Achieving an overall healthy lifestyle requires a combination of physical activity, proper diet, stress management, and positive thinking.  Our mind-body wellness classes will provide all of the tools you need to improve physical conditions, reduce stress, and increase positive thinking.  We will also be posting tips for healthy eating on our blog to help you improve in that area as well!

Types of Live Wellness Classes Offered

Classes yoga classes

Basic wellness classes normally range from 60 minutes up to two hours.  They may be offered as single classes, as part of a series, or ongoing.  Instructors that join our growing network of teachers will be able to post schedules of their live classes under their profiles.

Almost all classes are open to people of every skill level, although it is recommended to read the class description or check with the teacher if you are uncertain.


Workshops are normally longer than wellness classes and focus on teaching a particular form or concept.  They may range in format from two hours to weekend workshops.  Typically students are able to delve deeper into principles and underlying concepts and gain deeper insights to specific forms during workshops due to their structure. 

tai chi classesRetreats

Retreats can last anywhere from a weekend up to a full week.  They are a step up from workshops and allow students to truly immerse themselves in practice and reach much deeper levels than are possible in wellness classes or workshops.

During a retreat students can move beyond learning basic movements or techniques and truly cultivate mind, body & spirit.  Many students are able to achieve significant gains during retreats that are simply not possible when the chaos of every day life keeps getting in the way.  At the same time retreats should feel extremely relaxing, and be like a mind-body vacation.  The goal is to then bring these gains home so you can live in greater peace and harmony in your every day surroundings.


Intensives typically last between 3-9 days and are the most focused structure offered amongst the different kinds of wellness classes.  They are normally geared towards two kinds of individuals 1) Serious practitioners who truly want to achieve self-cultivation and potentially even teach others.  2) People who want to use natural healing methods to treat cancer, chronic illness, stress, depression, and chronic pain.

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