Nianli is the core of my internal practice and the most powerful and effective method of self-healing that I have discovered.  I will often be teaching the principles of Nianli through online training as well as in-person retreats that will be offered at a future date.

Nianli is best experienced for the first time in a group setting, but is also a wonderful practice to maintain on your own.

The following information on Nianli is provided courtesy of Wish Asia Pacific and Nianli, Mind Power Healing Canada.

Nianli MPH is based on the ancient, proven Chinese discovery of  the subtle energy qi  (chi) , which can be harnessed  in practice or cultivation (gong) to be the healing practice qigong.  But Nianli goes further with yi  (mind power) — into becoming responsible for our own healing. You can heal yourself!

Where did Nianli come from? Nianli is a development from the Chinese experience of the energy qi and its cultivation in qigong.  Practiced in ancient China for millennia in guarded secrecy, qigong was released some decades ago from this secrecy and shared with all who wish to learn its powerful skills, including we who live in the West.

Is Nianli like qigong? Like qigong, Nianli harnesses the energy qi for health. But its other fundamental aspect is yi, which means intention, mind power. In Nianli practice, Master Binhui He teaches us to use our mind power, intention or imagination to direct the qi inside our bodies for healing, and also to let die those emotional aspects in ourselves that are the fundamental cause of our illness. We can work at the basic roots of our illness. We can heal ourselves.

Nianli practice can enable you to reverse chronic illness you thought was incurable, improve immunity to infections, and assist regeneration. And maintain optimum health.

What does the word Nianli mean? Nianli is a Chinese pinyin word for ‘mind power.’

Who is Master Binhui He? Master He, a very experienced and renowned Chinese qigong master, the 48th holder of his lineage (important in China to establish credentials and authority), is the first in his lineage to share this wisdom in North America. We in Canada can now benefit from Master He’s considerable experience in China healing chronic diseases including cancers. We can heal ourselves by conscious intention.  We must care for our own internal health. We do not need to depend only on professional medical care, hospitals and pharmaceuticals for health.

What’s the Nianli background? Nianli Mind Power Healing is a natural evolution from Master He’s two-decade-plus healing experience in China, first as Taiji Five Element Medical Qigong.  Realizing that he could not possibly heal everyone who asked, the solution was to teach people to heal themselves by using Taiji Five Element Self Recovery System, and now Nianli MPH.

Does Nianli or qigong have a scientifically proven basis? Yes and no. ‘Western’ scientific thinking was not a part of ancient Chinese culture.  The Chinese valued practical experience, which led them to see, practice, value, teach, preserve qi and qigong as a “Chinese national treasure” for thousands of years. Only recently is qigong being investigated by what the West considers scientific study.

Nianli self healing consists of three interrelated and complementary components:

  1. The Taiji Five Element Forms are the foundation for practice and cultivation
  2. Self-Healing is the technique – at the end of the Classic meditation
  3. A Change of Attitudes ingrained in our subconscious mind.

Nianli is:

  • very low cost
  • drug-free, risk-free
  • simple, uncomplicated
  • works slowly and surely
  • both easy (physically) & hard (self-discipline)
  • works on former, present and future illness
  • does not demand belief; does require regular consistent practice
  • brings results commensurate with the quality and length of your practic

I highly recommend Nianli for anyone that suffers from a chronic condition and is in search of a truly effective form of Qigong healing.