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Become a Member

When you become a member of Discover the Fire you gain access to a modern day Master for an entire month!  You receive four weeks of online instruction every month plus interaction via web conferences and chat sessions with the current instructor.

The best part is that you receive all of this for less than the price of one live class at a typical school or studio!

Our Online Classes Provide the Tools You Need to Grow!

Online classes are the heart of our business model and we are starting off with a bang by featuring three incredible instructors.  You can view our upcoming “Instructors of the Month” on our calendar page.

The goal is take one aspect from every mind body online lesson and apply it to your favorite practice or form.  In this way you can continue to go deeper and deeper into your studies.

How will the mind body online classes work exactly?

Each month a new mind body online lesson will be presented through an LMS (Learning Management System), similar to what large corporations use as training tools for employees.  The main difference being that our courses will be filled with information you actually want to absorb!

The courses will feature text, video, and audio combined into a lesson designed to last one month.  At the end of the course you will be asked to answer a few questions written by the instructor of the month to ensure you have absorbed the important information.  This is not to make it feel like the mind body online course is a test, but truly for the benefit of the students.  It is the best way to make sure you are actually learning what was intended!

When will the mind body online courses be offered?

Right now we are in the pre-launch phase where we are providing free simple daily lessons and articles on tai chi, qigong, meditation, taoism, nutrition, and more.  Once we have enough free members to launch the monthly courses an email will be sent out to all newsletter subscribers with the starting date.  As a bonus for simply signing up on the mailing list you will be offered a discounted promotional price to try out the online courses for yourself.

A Priceless Gift

The opportunity to study with multiple highly skilled instructors and Masters is truly a priceless gift.  We still recommend finding a good local teacher if possible, so you can receive constant feedback, but you will not find a more knowledgeable group of teachers than what we will be offering.  Take one thing away from each of their mind body online lessons and you will find yourself reaching new levels of practice that you had not imagined were possible.

We look forward to bringing you superior high-quality online training soon.  For now please sign up for free and enjoy the free lessons, articles, and insights on The Tao, Qigong, and more.


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