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The Qi Cultivation Technique is the very first thing taught within the Nianli Mind Power Healing System.  You should practice it daily until you are able to begin feeling sensations of warmth internally as mentioned in the audio and written instructions.

This meditation is used to teach students how to active the Qi in their body as well as how to begin directing it for healing purposes.  There are three major energy centers in the body known as the dan tians.  The upper dan tian is located in the head, the middle near the heart, and the lower dan tian is located just below the naval and midway between the lower belly and lower back.  For the purposes of this beginner meditation whenever the word dan tian is used it refers to the lower dan tian.

Think of the lower dan tian as being like a large pot. The Qi or energy is like water.  When you learn to gather Qi you can then store this energy safely in the pot.

In order to send the energy throughout the body you must learn to heat up the pot.  We do this by building a fire in the lower dan tian area.  The pot heats up causing the water to turn into steam.  In this fashion our energy can easily circulate through the body.  This meditation is the foundation for learning to gather energy, store it, and circulate it through the body for good health and healing.

Audio Meditation –  (click to stream or right click to download)

Written instructions for practicing the Qi Cultivation Technique – click to view