Patient Name: Yun Liao
Diagnosis: Recurrent breast cancer with metastasis to bone
Clinic History

Mrs. Liao was a high-school teacher from Liuzhou, China. Age 52 when coming to Qigong training center in 1993.

Patient was diagnosed with breast lobular lump in 1981, but did not pay much attention to it. In April 1991, the lump in the right breast grew to a larger size and began presenting increasing pain. It prompted her to seek medical assistance. She took a lumpectomy in right breast on 8/5/91, biopsy reportedly malignant (cancer). She had another mastectomy and lymph nodes removal of the right side on 8/7/91, Followed by two cycles of chemotherapy. Two and half months later, cancer cells was found on the left breast, She took mastectomy and lymph nodes removal of the left side in Nov. 1991, followed by radiotherapy and chemotherapy (CMF). Patient had a lot of complications after chemo, dizziness, vomiting, facial edema, cough, chest oppression, leucopenia (2100c)

Disease Prior to Qigong Therapy

In Feb 1993, X-rays showed abnormal rounded images and shadow in her lung field. Further medical evaluation was recommended at the Tumor Hospital of Zhongshan Medical University. On 2/27/93 ECT bone scans of the entire body reportedly multiple locations of abnormal radioactive material uptake, suggestive of metastasis of cancer to bone. Her case was evaluated by several other medical experts reaching all the same diagnosis. Her situation was considered end stage and was discharged without treatment.

Qigong Treatment Description and Results

After being discharged from the Hospital in Feb. 1993, Ms. Liao joined the anti-cancer training class in Guangzhou to learn Chinese Taiji Five-Element Qigong. She went without taking any other medicine or therapy. After six months of intensive Qigong practice, at about 6 hours per day, with 21 days of Bigu, her condition dramatically changed. Follow-up medical check-ups, ECT bone scan in 11/19/93, 8/17/94, 11/15/95 and 7/31/00, showed that her metastatic cancer of the bone disappeared completely. Not only the cancer was gone, but other diseases she had previously, such as diabetes, prolapse of lumbar intervertebral disc, fatty liver also healed without medical treatment.

ECT bone scans of Liao before Qigong therapy (2/27/93), show reflected multiple locations of metastases to the bone. ECT scans of Liao after Qigong for 8 months (11/19/93) left, show significant improvement. 2 years later bone scans (11/15/95) right, show no sign of metastasis. The increased uptake of radioactive spot in the tailbone is considered residual of old external injury.

Patient Name: Chaofang Liang
Diagnosis: Recurrent breast cancer metastasized to bone

Personal Information: Female, Age: 42 when first coming to the Qigong Training Center.

Diagnosis And Treatment History:

First Diagnosis: Left Breast Cancer

Date of First Diagnosis: September 1996

Diagnosis and Treatment by: the First Affiliated Hospital of Guangxi Medical University

Treatment methods: Left breast surgery, removing entire left breast, followed by chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

Symptom of Recurrence: intolerable pain on chest and right shoulder areas in June, 1999

Second Diagnosis: Left breast cancer, post-surgery multi-bone metastasis

Hospital of Diagnosis: The First Affiliated Hospital of Guangxi Medical University.

Diagnosis Method: ECT bone scans on June 16th, 1999, abnormal radioactive high-density points found at right bladebone and seventh and eighth ribs.

Treatment methods: Chemotherapy suggested by physician, but declined by patient. Instead, she decided to practice Taiji Five-Element Qigong to heal herself.

Alternative Treatment: From July 1999, Ms. Liang participated in the anti-cancer workshop of Taiji Five-Element Qigong. After “Bigu” for 18 days, her intolerable pain was totally gone. Then she practiced Qigong for four months. Second ECT scanning on Oct. 13th 1999 showed that high-density point on right bladebone disappeared and those on right seventh and eighth ribs became less dense than before. This result strengthened her confidence both in Qigong and in complete healing from breast cancer. She continued practicing for another three months and she felt her life was totally changed. The third ECT scanning on Jan. 15th 2000 did not detect any abnormal high-density locations on her bones and from then on, she began a new life without torturing of breast cancer anymore.



Zhiling Yan (New Jersey)

I am a two-time breast cancer patient and have had great results after attending Master He’s intensive Qigong training class. The following is a summary of my experiences and results from the class:

  1. I have gained a new perspective on life thanks to Master He’s Five Element Qigong. In the past I have only paid attention to my physical (material) condition and had ignored my spiritual (non-material) conditions, that is I had only taken notice of my Yang condition, the body, and not the Yin condition, the spirit. In the past, whenever I got sick, regardless of the kind of illness, I automatically went to the doctor. Today’s medical practice mainly addresses the yang condition. Drugs and surgery predominantly address the symptoms rather the root cause of the problem. Misdiagnoses by doctors and patients themselves have often delayed recovery. Master He’s thinking, theory, and qigong technique have brought us to a new frontier. I truly believe that with continuous practice and frequent communication with other students I will achieve major improvements with my immune system, gradually heighten my self-healing power and get a new lease on life.
  2. I have successfully done Bigu and this is my tenth day. The experience has helped me to unlock the mystery and secrecy around Bigu, that is to say, it is a very simple self-discipline. It has helped me to acquire
  3. I have discovered a new world within me. Although I live in my small room, I feel my heart is out there with the universe, the sun, the moon, the ocean, and the hot spring. Qigong has helped me to keep an open mind, has made me feel good, and has helped me to regain my health.

I would like to express my sincere thanks to Master He for his teaching and assistance, and my gratitude to my fellow students for their support.

Ms. Xiuying Wang

“I have been diagnosed of breast cancer two years ago. I was drenched in tears. About one month after my surgery, Ms. Peng took me to join the group to practice Five Element Qigong. Soon after, I discovered that I was getting stronger and stronger. You know, I had diabetes. I was so weak that I couldn’t walk by myself after my operation. So, I held on to my husband and relied on him to take me everywhere. My friends laughed at me because I never held my husband’s hand even when we were young. Now, I can climb the mountain myself without any problem.”