Ivana K., Serbia

What I like about Discover the Fire is (you’ll laugh) the atmosphere. It’s in accordance with the mood or philosophy of Qigong and Tai Chi. There are no click me buy me messages that really put me off, there is no pretentious talk and self-promotion. The exercises seem perfectly selected both for beginners and slightly more experienced practitioners. I followed the instructional video for Shaking the Earth this morning for the first time and it felt wonderful being in synch with the vibration, feeling more aware of my body than ever before. Being a part of Discover the Fire is enjoyable and motivating, and the instruction, feedback and support make it even more precious. The bottom line and the general feeling is that I’m in a friendly place where learning and growth can happen, not in a place where someone’s trying to sell me something at all costs, if you know what I mean.

Sharon M., PA

It is really great to have a wide range of Qigong sources available on the Internet through the “Discover the Fire” website.  It is very convenient and easy to use.  The videos are really a big help and are almost like taking a live class.  It will be very beneficial to have all of this information in one place.

Gram, Italy

I have always read that Chi courses need time to show results, as indeed does martial arts training. Therefore, it is unlikely for one’s expectations to expect sudden improvements in health situations, much as you might find initially with an antibiotic, or similar. I approached the course then with the knowledge that consistency and patience were to be important watchwords. Although I practised fairly intensely, I did not expect overnight results, also because the course is only a basic one and, presumably, not designed to go deeply into the healing areas of which more detailed courses are likely to deal with. Indeed, for the first period, I noticed little changes. I then began to notice more subtle things happening, some too numerous to mention. One, for example, was an itching through my entire body (sometimes on my face, others on my legs and torso). My energy levels have picked up. I have also noticed small, almost imperceptible improvements with my ligaments and tendons which I have been having problems with. They seem to be improving. We shall only see how far and how permanently when I have done the exercies for many more months.

I was pleased with the clarification the course gave to the exercises; for example, the breathing explanation for the Qi cultivation. I have read of this exercise before and often the breathing synchronisation is very sloppily described; in some cases, it was the exact opposite to that which Jeff describes, which had always seem illogical to me. The exercises are explained clearly. The vieos are helpful and instructive.

In short, I am happy to have experimented the course, and believe it is doing me good.

Jesse, Wisconsin

Hi Jeff

 Thank you very much for your help.  I just want to say your audio quality is top notch. We will be transitioning over to the Classic Meditation this week and I will let you know when we have done the three consecutive sessions.  My father was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer last Thursday. The oncology specialist will be in this week to the veterans hospital, so he will be going in for a full work up and to find out if the cancer has spread. So it’s so new yet that he has not begun treatment.  Again THANK YOU very much for your help and we look forward to working with you.

Cassie S. from Cali

I love the idea of your website and the courses and I love having a place to learn qigong online.  Really enjoying being a member of DtF and look forward to continuing to grow in my Qigong practice.

Valerie, Oregon

I don’t know much about qi gong I just know I have been faced in this direction purposefully and am looking for the proper guidance.  Thank you for your guidance thus far, I look forward to learning more.