The Miracle of Self-Healing

SELF-HEALING The Miracle of Self-Initiated Healing adapted from The Healer Within by Roger Jahnke, OMD In the amazing universe of Mind-Body Practice and Energy-Based Healing methodologies, there is one very profound bit of information that turns on our sense of the possibilities: The human – spirit-mind-body – is naturally enabled to heal and even flourish […]

The 9th Pillar for Mind-Body Practitioners

Strong I meant to reveal the 9th and final pillar on Saturday, but the Holiday Weekend took me away from having a chance to write.  This last pillar is one of the most important both as a beginner and as an advanced mind-body practitioner. In order to advance deeply with a mind-body practice such as […]

The Fourth Pillar for Supporting your Mind-Body Practice

Center The fourth pillar for supporting a meaningful mind-body practice is “center”.  Physically it is important to make sure you are centered in your stance.  If you do not have regular contact with an instructor who can point out imbalances, it is a good idea to assess your posture in a mirror from time-to-time.  This […]