Become Happier through Meditation

Meditation…Happiness is a state of mind; therefore, the real source of happiness lies in the mind and soul, not in external circumstances Become Happier through Meditation on Inner Joys Kevin W Chen, Ph.D. MPH We all want to be happy!  Pursuit of happiness is everyone’s right and probably the optimal life goal.  However, in terms […]

Master Binhui He

The following information was originally published by the World Institute for Self Healing, which was an organization in the U.S. started by my first Qigong teacher, Master Binhui He.  I wanted to publish it on my site, since even though Master He has achieved a certain level of fame in China, he is relatively unknown […]

A Short Perspective on Taoism

Reading the Tao Te Ching and other Taoist texts felt like “someone was looking over my shoulder,” explaining to me things that really had relevance to my life. The most appealing aspect of Taoism, though, was that it didn’t claim to be “divinely-inspired.” Laozi never claimed to have been visited by a deity and commanded […]

365 Tao – Choosing

One side of a ridge is cold and foggy, The other is hot and dry. Just by choosing where you stand, You alter your destiny. Those who follow Tao talk of destiny. They define destiny as the course or pattern of your life as it spontaneously takes shape. They do not think of destiny as […]

What is Qigong?

Here is a short little video I made giving a brief oversight on Qigong, since many people come to me with the question, “What is Qigong?”. I find videos both more interesting to watch as well as make compared to writing articles so hopefully you will enjoy it. I plan to start releasing some short […]

The 9th Pillar for Mind-Body Practitioners

Strong I meant to reveal the 9th and final pillar on Saturday, but the Holiday Weekend took me away from having a chance to write.  This last pillar is one of the most important both as a beginner and as an advanced mind-body practitioner. In order to advance deeply with a mind-body practice such as […]

The 8th Pillar for Supporting Meditation Techniques

Ignore If you have been following along as I have been introducing the 9 Essential Pillars for supporting mind-body forms and meditation techniques, you may be wondering why  “ignore” would follow the concept “focus”.  Hopefully you will have a clear understanding once you have finished reading the next few short paragraphs. As I mentioned with […]

The 7th Pillar for Supporting your Tai Chi Form

Focus We have arrived at the 7th pillar that is needed to support a powerful mind-body practice, such as doing a Tai Chi form.  I hope that you have found the previous 6 pillars to be informative and that you have gained some small insight into the basic principles behind making a Tai Chi form, […]

The Sixth Pillar for Supporting your Mind-Body Routine

Expand The fifth pillar leads us nicely into the sixth concept to embrace for solidifying a powerful mind-body routine.  It is the idea of expansion, which I touched on briefly when I spoke about being open. Openness begins the process of expansion throughout the body both internally and externally.  As you relax and the joints begin to open, you […]